The Best Things About Penn State

Penn State University, home of the Nittany Lions. The name and mascot themselves conjure up thoughts of academic prestige, athletic tradition, and overall greatness. The nation knows of its flagship status and standing as one of the top public universities in the United States. But what many do not know and fail to realize is the other exciting, top-notch, influential activities and opportunities that encompass Penn State and surround Happy Valley. These are the best things about Penn State!

With almost 1,000 student clubs and organizations, one will have a hard time finding themselves without something to do. From intramural sports to Greek life to clubs founded at random, Penn State has the organizations that any student desires or can dream up. No matter the time or day, activities are always being presented and participated in. Students can expand their horizons by joining a new club or hone in on their already established skills by participating in a lifelong passion.

Penn State is home to one of the largest football stadiums in the world. Beaver Stadium can hold upwards of 107,000 people! And when it’s full, which is most of the time during football games, there are few places more thrilling and adrenaline ridden than Beaver Stadium. No matter how big or little of a sports fan one may be football games bring out the utmost of energy from everyone. Whether you’re a student or faculty member or just passing through campus, do whatever it takes to be part of this extremely unique atmosphere and experience.

Surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centers, and more, Penn State has anything and everything needed to have a good time. No matter what one is looking, it can be found within a short distance of campus. Spend an afternoon or an entire weekend exploring the unique and marvels shops that make campus and its surrounding areas a hot spot for adventure.

No matter your standing as a student or community member, Penn State has it all. From organizations to athletics to downtown adventures, Penn State is home to some of the most fun and memory building opportunities around. Don’t miss your chance to gain a top-notch education while simultaneously being part of the countless array of fun doings that Penn State has to offer.